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Our products and services symbolize this and are a direct reflection of our commitment to those in the fine art industry whether they are producing it, conserving it, sustaining it, or advocating it.


Framing provides the outermost border of the visual presentation of the art and it holds all of the materials together in a secure package.



Our traditional frames withstand the test of time and incorporate classic design and modern preservation processes.



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If you're looking for the latest designs that blend with todays artwork then our vast array of contemporary designs are your choice.



aluminum, steel, welded, metal.


Carved & Gilded

Gilded gold or metal leafed on a variety of profiles will enhance any artwork.



Matting is a border that surrounds and supports artwork. The opening can be cut into any shape such as an oval or an octagon, but it's typically cut into a rectangle. A mat can be made from different materials, as seen below.



A fabric mat adds richness and texture that can be elegant, sophisticated, or earthy depending on the fabric. We provide cotton, linen, silk, or faux suede fabric mats.


Cotton Rag Solid Core

Solid core mats are great for continuous color from top to bottom.


Metallic & Textured

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colored conservation mats, colored rag mats with white core or black.


French Line

Traditionally decorated using ink lines and pale washes of watercolor to surround the opening of the mat. The matboard is usually white, cream, or light pastel.



With our Gunnar mat cutting machine we can make custom-designed mats to your liking.



Mounting is the method used to secure artwork for presentation by gluing it, taping it, trapping it, screwing it, or nailing it. Mounting techniques that we use are hinge mounting, dry mounting, cold mounting, face mounting, float mounting, recessed mounting, or passepartout.


Hinge mounting

With wheat starch adhesives and Japanese rice paper.

Drymount press.jpg

Dry mounting

Our Seal 500T Dry Mount Press provides a solid and trusted method of mounting traditional and digital prints. We use only pH neutral heat activated dry mount adhesives and can mount on a variety of ISO certified boards.

Drymount press.jpg

Hinge Mounting

All our hinge mounting techniques use a variety of Japanese hinging materials and wheat and rice starch pastes or Methyl Cellulose water soluble adhesives and are completely reversible. 

neschen roll mount images.jpg

Cold mounting

Most contemporary artwork including digital prints (giclée) are sensitive to heat and thus require a cold mounting process. We provide a wide selection of ISO certified materials that protect your work from damage and deterioration.

Drymount press.jpg

Corner pockets, strips, recessed mounting

ISO certified papers, tissues, and plastics with pH neutral adhesives creates a completely acid/lignin free environment and assures longevity.

facemount acrylic.jpg

Face mounting

A non traditional method for mounting artwork to a high gloss finish acrylic substrate creating a stunning look that increases contrast and depth.  (Currently not available).



It all begins with a great design!

Choosing the right frame evolves from a collaborative effort  between you and our experienced team of designers. With over 40 years experience framing some of the world's most iconic works of art we have the knowhow and expertise to tackle any job assuring that your final product meets your satisfaction and our rigorous standards for quality and preservation. Come see what we're all about and let's discuss your next framing project. 

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